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Candy Stick

Candy Stick

Candy Stick's Informations in game :
Description :Xmas weapon
Category : Weapons
Skill's Type :
Gold : 0
Token : 100
Prestige : 0
PvP Point : 0
Merit : 0
Damage : 50
Level : 10
Cooldown : -1
Cakra Point : 0
Require Emblem : YES
Sell Able : YES
Learn in Academy : YES
Rarity : 3

You might as well compare with these Weapons so you can decide which Weapons you're gonna use for ninja Saga Pvp or in Hunting House for easier killing the boss or your opponent in ninja saga PvP
These Weapons might have better effect . Here we go :

  • Beast King Sword Beast King Sword
    An enchanted sword with demonic energy. It's imbued with the power of the “Beast King”.
  • Thunderbird Sword Thunderbird Sword
    A sword possessed by the spirit of a valiant soldier who was deserted by his comrades.
  • S66 Dedicate Sword S66 Dedicate Sword
    Increase 30% accuracy. 30% of damage received will be transferred from HP to CP (Ratio: 1CP = 2HP). Recover CP after HP reduction. (Amount: 45% of HP reduction)
  • Worldbreaker Great Axe Worldbreaker Great Axe
    Increases accuracy by 30%. Increases attack damage by 35% in the next turn after a successful dodge. Has 25% chance to inflict bloodfeed - recover HP after attack. (Amount: 50% of the attack damage)
  • Freeze Grain Great Sword Freeze Grain Great Sword
    Made of out the coldest minerals that come from far north.
  • Genryu Genryu
    50% chance to increase 3% critical rate of that turn.
  • Bloodthorn Blade Bloodthorn Blade
    Increases accuracy by 10%. And inflicts Blind status for 2 turns on every successful weapon attack. (10% accuracy reduction).
  • Sword of Romance and Vow III Sword of Romance and Vow III
    Increase 15% accuracy. Increase all attack damage by 6% and 40% Chance to inflict bleeding when attack with weapon - Increase 15% damage taken for 2 turn.
  • S11 Wood Spirit's Rapier S11 Wood Spirit's Rapier
    Increase 35% accuracy and agility by 3. Restore 2% HP every turn.
  • S50 Buster Blade S50 Buster Blade
    A gigantic sword with immense destructive power that can rip even the sea. Increases accuracy by 40% and restores 7% of the users max HP each turn. Has a 40% Chance to inflict burning when attack with weapon - Reduce 8% HP for 1 turn.
  • S30 Ultimate Blade Minokoken S30 Ultimate Blade Minokoken
    Increase 20% accuracy.
    20% chance to block attack damage.
  • Lance of Commitment and Devotion Lance of Commitment and Devotion
    Once owned by a faithful knight? this lance still burns with its late owners will. Has 20% chance to remove targets positive status on every successful weapon attack. Burns 80 HP damage for 2 turns on every successful weapon attack.
  • The Deity of Snakes (II) The Deity of Snakes (II)
    Increases accuracy by 25%. Inflict poison when attack with weapon reducing 7% HP for 2 turns. 40% chance to inflict petrify when attack with weapon for 1 turn.
  • S4 Thunderbolt Wand S4 Thunderbolt Wand
    Increase accuracy by 35% and critical chance by 10%. Burns 7% of target's max HP on successful weapon attack for 2 turns.
  • Handy Sai Handy Sai
    A light handy sai best for agile ninjas.
  • S78 Spirit Feather Fan S78 Spirit Feather Fan
    Increase 35% accuracy. Recovers HP after using a jutsu. (Amount: 80% of jutsu CP consumption)
  • Hornets Sword Hornets Sword
    Increases accuracy by 15%. Has 13% chance to remove all positive status of the target on every successful weapon attack.
  • White Bouquet White Bouquet
    Dedicate the bouquet of flowers to your mum. (festive special)