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Ninja Saga's Clan Ranking

Ninja Saga's Clan Ranking

Updated : 19 Jul 2016 ~ 15:09

Jounin Gakure New Clan List , this reputation's list is auto update , you do not need to refresh this page to see clan's activities in ninja saga.
Auto update will be stopped if this tab / window is inactive . we decide to set it that way in order to avoid overload all the time on visitor's browser.
Don't worry , once your mouse pointer focus on this tab/ window again auto update will continue its work .
You might be asking , how do i know it is inactive or not ? . The table of clan list will be blur if its inactive

Anyway , on this update , we decide to make the table look pretty simple and easy to understand , if you guys want to see more information of certain clan , you just need to hover your pointer or click clan's name

Coloumn activity is showing you how many reputation that clan make after you load this page , you can reset it to 0 (zero) again by clicking reset activity button.
This clan list table won't re-arrange the rank if the lower rank clan has higher reputation , so how do we know if a clan has higher rank than before we load this page ?
Well, its pretty simple , just see the clan's summary , by hovering or clicking the clan's name you'll see their exact status. Or you can just refresh this page .

Coloumn gain++ is showing you guys how many reputations the clan make since ( ) last recorded .

EDIT : 24 Nov 2015
Done some fix , now it will re-arrange the clan's rank order

Updated : 19 Jul 2016
Now you guys can see the clan log , click the clan name you want to check .

P.S : if you guys see last updated more than a day , its mean something gone wrong , if you don't mind feel free telling me on facebook
P.P.S : if you open this same page on other window , the auto update will be automatically stopped
Have a good day guys
Luppa Namma

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