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Torment's Informations in game :
Description :Increases 15% accuracy. Rare chance to kick target out of the battlefield. Reduce damage taken by 13% until the end of next turn after using the weapon.
Category : Weapons
Skill's Type :
Gold : 0
Token : 1000
Prestige : 0
PvP Point : 0
Merit : 0
Damage : 350
Level : 60
Cooldown : -1
Cakra Point : 0
Require Emblem : YES
Sell Able : YES
Learn in Academy : YES
Rarity : 5

Tag Effect
add_dodge_reduction0 15100
attacker_damage_reduction1 13100
instant_kill0 1002

You might as well compare with these Weapons so you can decide which Weapons you're gonna use for ninja Saga Pvp or in Hunting House for easier killing the boss or your opponent in ninja saga PvP
These Weapons might have better effect . Here we go :

  • Beetle King Shuriken Beetle King Shuriken
    The blades of this weapon never gets dull and blunt.
  • S8 Shadowfang S8 Shadowfang
    A haunted spear forged from a Hellhound's fang. Increases accuracy by 38%. Has 13% chance to block any damage. Inflicts Bleeding status on every successful weapon attack. (Increases damage taken by 25% for 2 turns)
  • Moai Sickle Moai Sickle
    Increases 5% accuracy. Rare chance to reduce HP of target by 50%.
  • Sessho Kunai: Kongo Sessho Kunai: Kongo
    Increase maximum HP by 783.
    Increase 10% accuracy.
    Increase 5% reactive force chance.
  • Vermilion Bird Axe Vermilion Bird Axe
    Increases accuracy by 26%. Increase all attack damage by 8%. Burns the target by 5% for 2 turns.
  • Iron Blade Zantetsu Iron Blade Zantetsu
    50% Chance to inflict bleeding when attack with weapon - Increase 10% damage taken for 2 turn.
  • Hellfire Trident Hellfire Trident
    Increases accuracy by 30%. Burns 3% of targets HP for 3 turns.
  • S9 Warring Empire Rapier S9 Warring Empire Rapier
    A beautiful rapier used by nobles during warring states period. Increases accuracy by 37%. Increases damage by 40% after a successful “Dodge” for 1 turn. Inflict Bleeding on successful weapon attack. (25% Bleeding effect for 2 turns).
  • Devil Wind II Devil Wind II
    Mysterious sharp aura surrounds this weapon. You can feel the air being sliced around it. Increases accuracy by 10%. Has 100% chance to inflict bloodfeed - recover HP after attack. (Amount: 5% of the attack damage) Inflict Bleeding on successful weapon attack. (10% Bleeding effect for 2 turns)
  • S1 Fan of Immolation S1 Fan of Immolation
    Increase 40% accuracy. Has 20% chance to weaken enemy upon each weapon attack - reduce 100% damage for 2 turns. After receive damage, 50% chance to burn the attacker. - 7% hp for 3 turns.
  • Practice Naginata Practice Naginata
    A pole weapon that was traditionally used by the samurai class.
  • Yotsuya Spiral Sword Yotsuya Spiral Sword
    Increase mission XP reward by 120 and mission Gold reward by 300.
  • Mighty Red Battleaxe IV Mighty Red Battleaxe IV
    Increase 18% accuracy. Reduce damage taken by 7% and recover CP by 4% when being put on a debuff.
  • Yamata Head Sword Yamata Head Sword
    Inflict poison when attack with weapon - Reduce 1% HP for 1 turns.
  • The Deity of Snakes (II) The Deity of Snakes (II)
    Increases accuracy by 25%. Inflict poison when attack with weapon reducing 7% HP for 2 turns. 40% chance to inflict petrify when attack with weapon for 1 turn.
  • Nomad Blade Nomad Blade
    An all around weapon used by Nomads.
  • Kagero Kagero
    35% chance to inflict burning when attack with weapon - Reduce 2% HP for 2 turns (Premium user only)
  • Teddy Bear Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear (Festive Special)
  • S2 Ancient Enchanted Katana Kusanagi S2 Ancient Enchanted Katana Kusanagi
    Increase 25% accuracy. Make target bleed for 2 turns. (25% extra damage)