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Jounin Gakure: The Strongest Clan in Ninja Saga

Jounin Gakure is a clan in Ninja Saga game which members were initially Indonesians and Pinoys. Known as the greatest clan of Ninja saga in the latest 4 years since jounin gakure joined in ninja saga clan wars .Jounin Gakure a.k.a JG has faced many opponents mainly alone, but with the help of Magic of Rune clan and Jigoku Syoujyou.

After season 26, JG has started to get more and more europeans, such as Albanians and Italians. But not just that! Jounin Gakure has become a global clan. Starting from Indonesia and Philippines, it moved to the west : Albanians, Italians (as we said before), but also latins, people from Colombia, Perù and many other latin countries that we will not mention.
If you think JG stopped here you are wrong. There're Members from Serbia, Morocco, Tunisia, Malaysia and Singapore .

Jounin Gakure is a family, a mixture of cultures who monthly spread the world's genious by ranking the clan itself as a winner in many and many competitions for many months in a row. Also, Jounin Gakure is the first and only clan who reached 8 wins in a row since ninja saga intruduce Clan war in their game .
Well, mostly nowadays Jounin Gakure will be champion each season (month) . 8)
If you think JG never had great competition, then you should consider nothing is stable in the time, and no matter the number of the opponents, the clan never surrender.

And Jounin Gakure clan also join in Crew War which Emagist ( Ninja Saga Developer) introduce in 2015 . We decide to make our crew's name Sannin Gakure .
And We are also the most powerfull crew in Crew War, hence we got all castle in season 2 crew war :v :v :v . Well, mostly each season we take over more than 1 castle :)

Come join us !!! ( Jounin Gakure And Sannin Gakure ) We will help you guys become a great ninja in Ninja Saga game ofcourse :v