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Jounin Gakure

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Hi there , as we all know leechers always been the problem for every Clan or Crew in Ninja Saga . And we'd like to keep a good report for every members in our jounin gakure clan , elysium clan and sannin gakure as well .

On this page you guys can check every season Jounin Gakure, Elysium and Sannin Gakure members's activity

I know this page is far from good not to mention perfect :v :v :v :v :v , so .... feel free telling me any idea you've got in those big brilliant brain of yours .

You can contact me on facebook or you can send your message on Contact Us page :D :P

How to Use ?

Well, its pretty simple

  • Select type of Data you want to check , Clan or Crew
  • Select Season
  • Select How the data show to you , in this case sorted by Highest Gained on Final day or Total Gained in season

P.S : for Clan data type : Season 79 - ongoing is Elysium Clan Members datas , Season 78 and below is Jounin Gakure Clan Members Data and Most of Data from season 78 and below have their facebook ID

On the list, you can get all certain Character's Name Log by clicking the name . This might not be too accurate because its only filter the data by the name , and in the report some even has no name or some member might change their character name . The best way to get certain member's log is by clciking their Profile's photo , the data will be filtered by their facebook id . Well, not all recorded data have their facebook id YET. So ... gonna need some help from some admins :| :| :|

Updated : 14 April 2017 , DataTable Plugins is applied to the Table