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Hello Guys , good day . Luppa Namma's Here. Yesterday : 19 Nov 2015 Ninja Saga just released new feature , " Crew ".

Your ninja saga's character must be level 40 or higher if you guys want to join / create a crew in ninja saga
As usual , Jounin Gakure like to dominate in this feature just like ns clan's war , so we decide to make a crew of Jounin Gakure

"Sannin Gakure , ID : 164 , crew master : MiNato NaMiKaZe"

Each castle has their own reward , only owner of the castle can see what kind of reward they're gonna get when crew war end
So , if your crew become owner of the castle and you guys know you'll get best reward (weapon/backitem) , keep it secret from other crew , otherwise they're gonna take over your castle. Well , its not like you guys do not need to defend your castle if the castle has bad reward , i'm just saying that strong crew would not burn their token for bad reward.

Anyway , enough with the chit chat , i'd like to introduce you Jouningakure new feature . " Ninja Saga Crew ranking List "
P.S : You can refresh The Crew Rank List without refresh this page , after 7 seconds each time you click one of castle's name

Hiroshima CastleHimeji CastleKumamoto CastleOkazaki CastleInuyama CastleGifu CastleHikone Castle

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Ninja Saga Crew Land